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Welcome to the Media Center of the FinTechStage Festival 2020. In this page you can find all the necessary materials for a sharp - to the point promotion for your organization or personal profile. If you would require any aditional materials contact our media manager - Ana Subtil:


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Slogan / Taglines: “Tales from Pioneers”

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The 3 pillars of FTSFEST20 are #FinancialLiteracy, #RegulationImpact and #FinancialInclusion – are you ready to put the focus back to the customer? Join us May 11-14: link @fintechstage

The most recognized #fintechweek in Italy is back with new ideas, inspiring names and a #fintechrevolution to undertake. Be part of this movement: link 11-14 May @fintechstage @breakingbankseu @timepledgeorg

You never seen an FintechStage like this before, 11-14 May – #FTSFEST20 is ready to put the big topics and the relevant speakers on stage – #Literacy, #Impact, #Inclusion and much more #fintech! LINK @fintechstage @breakingbankseu

Hear the stories of the giants that built the #fintech industry on stage 11-14 May at #FTSFEST20 – “Tales for Pioneers” is the moto and we are ready to WOW you LINK @fintechstage @breakingbankseu

The pioneers are ready to tell you what are the real issues, trends and lessons since the beginning of the #fintech industry. Join them 11-14 May at the #FTSFEST20 link @fintechstage @breakingbankseu

70 words: For 2020, we are replicating the week-long model from the renowned flagship event FinTechStage Festival – that is now a reference in the Italian country and aims to connect worldwide FinTech players into the diverse programs run by FTS. Financial Literacy, Regulation Impact and Financial Inclusion are at the core of this year’s FTSFEST20 – where we will extensively discuss the latest trends and key figures in the global FinTech scene.

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