• 11 May 2020 - Tales From Pioneers Plenary Session

    This plenary session will see 5 of our keynote speakers presenting how they disrupted 4 major FinTech verticals: platform economy, SMEs, collaboration (open Banking) and InsurTech.

  • -Keynote TBC
    -Panel “Where does the money go?”

  • -Keynote TBC
    -Panel Discussion
    Platform Economy

  • -Introducing the: “SME Credit Frontier”
    -Panel Discussion: “Next Frontiers of Lending”

  • -Keynote - Paolo Sironi
    -Panel Discussion:
    Collaboration (Open Banking)

  • 12 May 2020 - FinTech Talks by Deloitte

    FinTech Talks is scaling form the great success of it's past editions, and coming back stronger and dedicated to putting the focus back to the customer. This time we will replicate the format in the amazing location of Deloitte Greenhouse in Milan, retain all the biggest startups, opinion makers and household names in the industry, and mix it all up with a few media sources to give you the best of the fintech practices, no-gos and ‘aha’ moments from the past decade - this time with a green thumb.

  • We haven't found any session that matches you're criteria
  • 13 May 2020 - Blockchaingers

    Mimicking the worldwide FTS model, we are modeling the subtle art of spreading and supporting financial literacy at FTSFEST20. Hence, we decided to dedicate DAY3 to the topic of Blockchain, unveiling it’s worth, giving voice to its players and discovering now adjacencies. Building abilities and empowering stakeholders and brands on the topic.

  • 14 May 2020 - Talents and Skills Academy

    On the 4th day of the FTSFEST20 will focus on the notion of talent and what we believe to be their new place in companies and, more importantly, hierarchies. Today, companies need to get ready to attract, retain and motivate the talents of tomorrow, some of them hired for jobs that just came into existence. And at the same time, classic old company structures are not aligned with the new mobility paradigm or a more networked organization. On May 14th will talk about both those issues and how to address them. Learning from very different leadership models, listening to stories of integration between a large incumbent and a startup or simply sharing stories about players dealing with new forms of learning.

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